how to you pay tax on an annuity

How and When Your Tax Deferred Annuity Becomes Taxable

Annuities, as I have mentioned before, are a hot topic in the financial planning community right now. I can find plenty of financial advisors that love annuities, but I can also find plenty of others that hate annuities. Love annuities or hate them, I believe that most financial advisors will agree they can be complex.  […]

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ISOs and incentive stock options

What is a Disqualifying Disposition of ISOs?

Incentive Stock Options, or ISOs, are subject to specific rules that dictate whether they meet the standards to be treated as a qualifying disposition or a disqualifying disposition. Stated simply, there are rules regarding how and when ISOs are exercised as well as how and when ISOs are sold. Why does this matter, you ask? […]

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If you KnewWould you Change-

If You Knew You Weren’t Saving Enough for Retirement, Would you Change?

Saving for retirement can be difficult for many reasons. Pair the uncertainly of prognosticating the future with the need for delayed gratification (saving your hard-earned money rather than spending it), and it’s easy to understand why so many people fail to save enough. In fact, studies have suggested that 1 in 3 Americans have zero […]

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Dan Zajac, philadelphia financial advisor

The Basics of Non-Qualified Stock Options

Non-qualified stock options are unique in that they retain tax characteristics similar to restricted stock and employee control similar to incentive stock. One might say that they fall right in the middle of these two. From a tax standpoint, gains are subject to ordinary income tax rates.  In terms of control, employees have the ability […]

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retirement planning, saving for retirement

8 Easy Ways to Save for Retirement

Forcing yourself to save enough for retirement can be difficult. You’re taking money that you earned… money that you worked hard for… money that you could certainly put to good use now, and stashing it away for an unknown future need at an unknown future date. However, do you know what’s worse than giving up […]

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How Do i know if i have enough to retiree

How Much Money Does it Take to Retire?

Retirement planning conversations often begin with a simple question: how much money does it take to retire?  This simple question bubbles to the top for nearly every pre-retiree. It’s a simple question, but not such a simple answer. The answer is a complicated mixture that should account for a number of variables.  Some of these […]

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