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buying a financial services industry

A Buyer’s Take on Succession Planning – The Live Version!

Succession planning – specifically, succession planning in the financial services industry – is a hot topic.  An aging advisor workforce, combined with a lack of qualified professionals ready to lead, puts the financial services industry in a fragile predicament.   Succession planning is a topic I feel passionate about.  It’s a topic that directly affects […]

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Retirement plan for the small business

Evaluating Retirement Plans for the Small-Business Owner

Small business owners need to plan for retirement. Too many small business owners overlook the importance of saving for retirement in spite of the fact they are all too aware they will not be able to operate their business indefinitely. After all, none of us is going to work forever, even if it feels like […]

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Cash Balance Plans - a way to defer more into retirement

Cash Balance Plan – Supercharge Your Retirement Savings

Business owners are generally great at running their business.  However, they are so laser-focused on running the business that the “unimportant” things, such as saving for retirement, are sometimes pushed to the side or are forgotten altogether. Because of this unfortunate trend, business owners often find themselves needing to “catch up” as their retirement date […]

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Financial Planning for the Business Owner

Working with business owner clients can be difficult. In this case, I mean difficult in a good way (and I am not just saying that). Business owners often have a greater number of financial questions as compared to non-business owner clients.   I love this.  This work allows me to delve deeper into their financial plan […]

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