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January 2017 Market Recap

With a country that seems divided by political lines, there is one thing nearly everyone can agree on: things under President Trump have been anything but uneventful. The President wasted little time in the first days of his term. Beginning with an executive order intended to start the process of repealing Obamacare, President Trump continued […]

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philadelphia financial advisor discusses volatile markets

Questions to Ask Yourself During the Recent Market Volatility

Volatile markets are scary.  In fact, they can be very scary. None of us, including myself, like it when market volatility picks up.  Similarly, none of us, including myself, like it when our account value goes down. However, despite knowing these realities of investing, we still invest.  In doing so, we must remember that market […]

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Financial Advisor Philadelphia

Spoiler Alert – The Internet Was Wrong About Rising Interest Rates!

Interest rates, or more specifically conversations regarding rising interest rates, are common water-cooler talk. In fact, I rarely have an investment conversation these days that doesn’t include a thorough analysis of the “obvious impending market disaster” surrounding rising interest rates. Experts and nonexperts alike are convinced that 2015 is “the year.” Interest rates are moving […]

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high yield often means higher risk

What “I Want the One with the Higher Yield” Really Means

Unless you live under a rock, you know that interest rates are low.  Historically low. With low interest rates, your checking and savings accounts likely aren’t earning much.  Banks are paying next to nothing on your savings.  Even moving money into CD’s will only earn a saver a few basis points (less than 1%) over […]

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Do your financial advisor add value

7 Strategies that Can Add Value to Your Investments

Vanguard recently published a paper suggesting a good financial advisor can add up to 3.0% of additional rates of return, net per year, to a client’s account.  That’s 3.0% more than what someone might do on their own. This is Vanguard….  The company that built its empire on low cost mutual fund investing, suggesting that […]

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Asset Allocation and Diversification

Can A Breakfast Menu Explain Asset Allocation and Diversification?

If you are like most people, you’ve likely had experience with both diversification and asset allocation.  The crazy part is you may have never realized it. Think about your favorite breakfast spot.  You typically have many options, so where do you start?  As “N” always asks me, do you want something sweet, or do you […]

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