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Top 50 Financial Advisor Blog

Today was a good day as I was included in a list of the Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs and Bloggers

Thank you to Michael Kitces for including me on his list.

To see the full list, please click here.




The rankings for this list of the top 50 financial advisor blogs and bloggers are determined using website metrics measured by Moz Analytics, including Page Authority and MozRank, as well as additional traffic metrics measured by Alexa. (See here for the exact scoring formula that was used to determine who’s “best of the best!”) Blogs must operate on a standalone advisor-controlled domain or subdomain to be considered (i.e., blogs published solely on a larger multi-blog platform will not be considered).

To be eligible, advisors must actually be registered as such, either through an SEC- or state-registered RIA, or as a registered representative of a broker-dealer. Advisor registration status details and blog data updates are powered by BrightScopeBlog data (and advisor rankings) are updated at the end of every month.

Scoring Methodology

Composite scores for blog ranking were determined using the following formula:

60% * MozPageAuthority/10 +
30% * MozRank +
10% * (10 – AlexaRank/200,000) (0 points if AlexaRank > 2,000,000)

Results were then scaled to a top score of 100 for the highest composite score.

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