Looking Back at 2014!

Financial advisor Philadelphia - A look at 2014

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2014 has been an amazing year for me and my family, both personally and professionally.

Professionally, I decided to challenge myself by starting Finance and Flip Flops. I took a chance.  As an amateur writer, at best, it has been an interesting initiation into the world of social media. More than that, it has been a fantastic opportunity to share my thoughts regarding financial planning.

Personally, adulthood became “real” as “N” and I welcomed our second family member (obviously counting our dog Niles as our first), “O” (to be clear, a human), in the fall.

“O” has brought a newfound purpose to my life, and has shown me just how important a good partner in life is!

In 2015, I hope to continue to entertain and educate. I hope to engage other professionals with interesting insight and information that I believe will be beneficial for all of you readers (and anyone new who stumbles across Finance and Flip Flops).

More than anything, I thank you for continuing to read Finance and Flip Flops. As always, I ask you to share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with me. I love hearing your feedback, and I am constantly exploring new ideas to make the site even better. If you are ever so inclined, feel free to share a post of mine.

With that being said, let’s look at my Top 10 posts for 2014.

**imagine a drumroll here.  My Letterman Top 10!

Number 10 – Financial Planning for the Business Owner

Business owners have a unique set of issues.  How do you successfully blend personal and business goals?

9 – What you Should Know about Annuities

Love them or hate them, but don’t get them. Annuities are the ugly stepchild of the financial planning industry.

8 – 10 Common Investing Mistakes

This might be my personal favorite for the year. Everywhere you look, people are sharing investment tips. You’d be well served to avoid these common mistakes.

 7 – Life Insurance – Understanding Term and Permanent Insurance

Ah yes, the debate over term and permanent insurance—Like annuities, this is one debate that isn’t going away. Before you buy, make sure you know exactly what you are getting into.

6 – 7 Reasons to Love Social Security

Social Security gets beat up on too much. Someone needed to stick up for it!

5 – How Much Should You Be Saving

At first, I was surprised to see this post receive so much attention. However, when I look back now, it makes sense.  Simple saving is often the most difficult part of starting a financial plan. I hope this post helped some of you to get your savings started or improve your current plan.

4 – Top 10 Financial Advisor Types to Avoid

This was one of my favorite articles about how to pick a good financial advisor, but it was one of my least read articles! Apparently, all of my readers look at the glass half-empty…

3 – Financial Planning for the New Parent

Insurance, College, Estate…It’s actually quite easy. Get it done and get it done early.

2 – New Dad, New Challenges – What I Learned from My First Week as a Dad

This article was fun to write because it encouraged me to look into my personal life and one of the biggest changes/challenges I have faced as an adult. Look for more of these personal blog throughout next year!

And the number 1 most viewed post of the year…..

Welcome to the Finance and Flip Flops Blog! 

It looks like we’ll be going on our second date in 2015!

Thank you again for an amazing year…. Happy New Year!!

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