Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning is about you and your goals.  It’s personal, it’s targeted, and it’s customized for you and your family.

My aim is to help you develop your financial plan.  I help you set realistic goals.  I help make sure you stay on track, and I help you adjust the plan as needed.

How am I compensated for writing a financial plan?

If you’ve read any of my posts, you know I firmly believe financial planning is a process.  It is not an event, and certainly not a product.  My fee schedule is intended to match my philosophy in a manner that is fair and reasonable to my clients.

For my financial planning clients, I charge a project based fee (or hourly fee) that covers my time to meet with you and develop the financial plan.  As each client’s situation and scope of engagement is different, the fee can change accordingly.  You will know the exact fee prior to signing an engagement agreement.

What do my clients look like?

Clients are typically looking for one of the following services.

  • The “Basic Financial Plan” – For someone looking to get started
  • The “Core Financial Plan” – When it becomes complicated, and you have too much going on
  • The “Wealth Management Service” – A total review, analysis, and coordination of your financial world

So what should you expect?

At the end of our engagement, you can expect to receive specific recommendations for your financial plan.  You have the right to implement these recommendations through me, or through any personal advisor of your choice.

My hope is that you continue to use me as your advisor.  I want to be your guy!

What services do I offer?

If you choose to implement your plan with me, I offer the following services:

Investment management

I manage my client’s investments.  It’s a large part of what I do, and at large part of the financial planning process.

Insurance solutions

A well rounded financial plan often requires an insurance solution (life, long term care, disability).  I am able to provide an array of insurance solutions.  If you elect to implement an insurance solution, I will be paid a commission.