Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans

I work with business owners to design, analyze, and implement employer sponsored retirement plans.

Specifically, I offer the following services to clients:

Plan and Vendor Evaluation

  • I will complete a review of your existing plan including fees paid, fund selection, plan design, and other necessary issues.
  • I will complete thorough vendor evaluation and present those that best fit your needs
  • I will work with you to select the best provider for your plan

Plan Implementation

  • I will coordinate the plan transition with the various providers and plan representatives, ensuring you are informed during the transition process.
  • I will create a file of fiduciary documents for the plan
  • I will work with your third party administrator (TPA) to review and update your plan document and plan design
  • I will work with you to establish a customized employee education or communication program

Ongoing services

  • I will facilitate periodic retirement plan committee meetings and provide advice on the investment options
  • I will work with you to perform annual compliance review
  • I will work with your employees to Implement employee education or communication program, hold enrollment meetings as needed, and conduct one-on-one participant advice meetings

Other services as needed

  • I will perform a search for new retirement plan provider
  • I will conduct an independent benchmarking review of the plan’s fees, services, and participant demographics