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how to you pay tax on an annuity

How and When Your Tax Deferred Annuity Becomes Taxable

Annuities, as I have mentioned before, are a hot topic in the financial planning community right now. I can find plenty of financial advisors that love annuities, but I can also find plenty of others that hate annuities. Love annuities or hate them, I believe that most financial advisors will agree they can be complex.  […]

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Lump sum vs. annuity

Is Your Annuity Giving You the Highest Possible Income?

Not all annuities are created equal.  In fact, there are so many annuities on the market, and so many iterations, that it requires a full-time commitment to stay on top of the ever-changing market. If you find yourself with an old annuity, considering the purchase of an annuity, or forced into an annuity decision through […]

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Retirement Planning

What You Should Know About Annuities

Say it with me… annuity.  Now hear me out before you click out of this blog. It’s amazing how the word annuity can stir up such a debate. Maybe your toes curled up, and your shoulders tensed.  Knowing you need to defend against the evil empire that is annuities.  Or maybe you believe them to […]

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