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6 Terrible Estate Planning Ideas

As part of the financial planning process, I review a lot of estate planning documents.  Part of my job is to encourage clients to update their documents, and/or ensure that their estate planning documents match their stated goals and intentions.  My experience in reviewing estate documents provides me with sufficient ammunition to rubber-stamp a good […]

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WIl, Beneficiary, IRA

Simple Estate Planning – Your Assets When You Die

Guess what? You are going to die.  And no, it’s not because “I know what you did last summer”… I find it interesting to broach this topic with clients.  Some clients open up and share their deepest fears, thoughts and emotions. And others, well they clam up and become visibly uncomfortable. Regardless of how you […]

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It's never a bad time to look at your retirement plan

10 Simple Simple Steps to Pre-Retirement Planning (for any age)

Spelling lists, multiplication tables, practicing your cursive (do kids today even use cursive writing)? Remember leaving school for the day and thinking “I can’t believe I have homework, homework is the worst!” All I wanted to do was go play kick the can with the neighborhood kids.  Not practice geometry. Pre-retirement planning is adult homework. […]

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