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The Weekly Round Up

This week’s focus is on three articles and one investment chart.  The chart, from JP Morgan, is one of my personal favorites.  In short, it details the “average” annual decline of the S&P 500 – a number that I believe will surprise many. Following that, we have a quick article that answers the ever-pressing question […]

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buying a financial services industry

A Buyer’s Take on Succession Planning – The Live Version!

Succession planning – specifically, succession planning in the financial services industry – is a hot topic.  An aging advisor workforce, combined with a lack of qualified professionals ready to lead, puts the financial services industry in a fragile predicament.   Succession planning is a topic I feel passionate about.  It’s a topic that directly affects […]

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Buy/Sell Agreements

Do you have (or are you seeking) a financial advisor? – You need to watch this.

If you are a frequent reader of finance and flip flops, you know how strongly I feel that a CFP® certification is critically important when looking for a financial advisor. As I’ve said before, I believe it should be the minimum requirement for entry into the industry. The current requirement to become a financial advisor […]

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When will your financial advisor retire?

Who’s Going to Retire First? You or Your Financial Advisor?

I love this question! I also love seeing a light bulb go off in people’s heads when I ask them this same question. Financial advisors, as a community, are responsible for helping people retire securely and comfortably.  We spend time asking the right questions and providing sound advice in the hopes that our clients can […]

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This financial advisor says save in a 529 plan

Why this financial advisor hates contributing to a 529 plan…but does it anyways

As a parent considering whether or not to open a college savings plan, you’ve probably already asked yourself the following questions: Is my child going to college?  What if I end up needing that money?  Will this small contribution even matter?  What will college even cost in the future?  What if he/she gets a scholarship? […]

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