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Top 100 Social Financial Advisors

I’ve Never Been So Excited to be in 91st Place!

I am super excited today to be ranked in a list of the Top 100 social financial advisors.  You can check me and the other financial advisors who made the list out by clicking here. Thank you for liking, sharing, reposting, reading, and for passing the site along to your friends. Now, let’s get into […]

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What You Should Know About Saving and Investing

Most of us know there is a difference between savings and investing.  It makes sense; we hear the two words all the time.   But what we don’t know is how the two work together, and how the two should be managed. The difference between savings and investing is simple!  If you need it soon, […]

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Retirement Planning

What You Should Know About Annuities

Say it with me… annuity.  Now hear me out before you click out of this blog. It’s amazing how the word annuity can stir up such a debate. Maybe your toes curled up, and your shoulders tensed.  Knowing you need to defend against the evil empire that is annuities.  Or maybe you believe them to […]

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