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The Weekly Round Up

This week’s focus is on three articles and one investment chart.  The chart, from JP Morgan, is one of my personal favorites.  In short, it details the “average” annual decline of the S&P 500 – a number that I believe will surprise many. Following that, we have a quick article that answers the ever-pressing question […]

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning – When $60,000 Equals $100,000

What if I told you that in retirement, $60,000 of income could be factually equivalent to your $100,000 W2?  Would you believe me?  Would you want to know more? Well you should. Because it’s very possible.  It’s possible that a retirement income of $60,000 can be equal to a pre-retirement W2 of $100,000. How?  I hear […]

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Buy/Sell Agreements

Do you have (or are you seeking) a financial advisor? – You need to watch this.

If you are a frequent reader of finance and flip flops, you know how strongly I feel that a CFP® certification is critically important when looking for a financial advisor. As I’ve said before, I believe it should be the minimum requirement for entry into the industry. The current requirement to become a financial advisor […]

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Financial Planner Philadelphia

‘How to’ series: How to Start a Financial Plan

Good financial planning begins with getting the big picture “right” for you and your family. Only then does it make sense to focus on the details. To use a workout analogy, there is no point to setting the goal of running a marathon if you haven’t walked a mile in years. Think of the financial […]

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Financial Planning for the Business Owner

Working with business owner clients can be difficult. In this case, I mean difficult in a good way (and I am not just saying that). Business owners often have a greater number of financial questions as compared to non-business owner clients.   I love this.  This work allows me to delve deeper into their financial plan […]

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What to do with an inherited IRA

What To Do When You Inherit An IRA

There’s nothing really cool about inheriting an IRA. Someone had to die! And if you’re the beneficiary, it was probably someone very close to you. So your first responsibility… take all the time you need. Mourn, remember, reflect. Do what you need to do. Talk about what made that person so great, and why you […]

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