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Financial planner philadelphia

If Financial Planning Were a Cleanse Diet

Detoxification by means of dieting is pretty popular right now. Some people focus on eating healthier. Others focus on a barebones diet. Still others fast for extreme amounts of time. It got me thinking: What if people applied the same kind of zeal they have for getting rid of toxins in the body to personal finance? What would […]

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financial advisor discusses existing life insurance

Financial Planning For the Old Life Insurance Policy

Before you go and cash out your old life insurance policy, it’s important that you know your options.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of options. Some of the alternatives you should consider prior to cashing out your life insurance policy are listed in my previous article titled – “What to do with […]

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philadelphia financial advisor discusses volatile markets

Questions to Ask Yourself During the Recent Market Volatility

Volatile markets are scary.  In fact, they can be very scary. None of us, including myself, like it when market volatility picks up.  Similarly, none of us, including myself, like it when our account value goes down. However, despite knowing these realities of investing, we still invest.  In doing so, we must remember that market […]

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Financial advisor philadelaphia says no to refinance

A Reason (or Two) Not to Refinance your Mortgage

With interest rates hovering at historical lows, it may seem like common sense to refinance your mortgage.  Refinancing a mortgage could be a great strategy to free up monthly cash flow, lower your total amount of interest being paid, and/or shorten the length of time that you’ll be paying the mortgage.  Any one of these […]

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Retirement Planning

Looking to Retire? Be Sure to Avoid These Mistakes!

If you are like most people, retirement is something that is on your “Definite List”. In other words, “I definitely want to retire someday”! And why shouldn’t you want that?  You’ve worked for many years and you deserve to hang it up. Unfortunately, simply working for many years doesn’t guarantee you a successful retirement.  A […]

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Risks of Retirement

Risk That Even The Best Retirement Plan Needs To Address

For any retiree, there are a number of risks that are inherent to life —risks that can’t be completely avoided. When evaluating these retirement risks, there are generally three options.  First, you can retain the risk and hope it doesn’t affect you. The second option is to shift the risk to someone else, often an […]

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