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philadelphia financial advisor discusses volatile markets

Questions to Ask Yourself During the Recent Market Volatility

Volatile markets are scary.  In fact, they can be very scary. None of us, including myself, like it when market volatility picks up.  Similarly, none of us, including myself, like it when our account value goes down. However, despite knowing these realities of investing, we still invest.  In doing so, we must remember that market […]

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Dan Zajac, philadelphia financial advisor

I can become a millionaire in “X” years or less!

I’m a millionaire! Who wouldn’t want to say these words? (Well, who wouldn’t want to say these words in private? If you say them in public… probably not so cool.  Bragging about your money is about as cool as bragging about how advanced your 3-month-old is.  “But, have I told you? Tommy is soooo smart!”) […]

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This financial advisor says save in a 529 plan

Why this financial advisor hates contributing to a 529 plan…but does it anyways

As a parent considering whether or not to open a college savings plan, you’ve probably already asked yourself the following questions: Is my child going to college?  What if I end up needing that money?  Will this small contribution even matter?  What will college even cost in the future?  What if he/she gets a scholarship? […]

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