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Dan Zajac, philadelphia financial advisor

Selling Incentive Stock Option Shares To Accelerate Tax Credits

Incentive stock options may provide for the opportunity to pay taxes on the gain at long term capital gains rates instead of at ordinary income rates if exercised following the rules for a qualifying disposition.  Because of this potential tax advantage, many will attempt to meet the standard for qualifying in order to “save” on […]

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ISOs and incentive stock options

What is a Disqualifying Disposition of ISOs?

Incentive Stock Options, or ISOs, are subject to specific rules that dictate whether they meet the standards to be treated as a qualifying disposition or a disqualifying disposition. Stated simply, there are rules regarding how and when ISOs are exercised as well as how and when ISOs are sold. Why does this matter, you ask? […]

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ISOs and stock options

The Basics of Incentive Stock Options

There is nothing basic about incentive stock options. Incentive stock options have built-in complexity that goes far beyond their restricted stock and non-qualified stock option cousins. The holding requirements for qualified dispositions and alternative minimum taxes are two complexities that quickly come to mind. If you find yourself on the receiving end of incentive stock […]

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Incentive Stock Options, ISO's

3 Stock Option Exercise Strategies You Need to Know

Receiving stock options from your employer is great, as it indicates that your company sincerely values you.  They want to keep you, and keep you happy!  Furthermore, stock options can be a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money! However, knowing how to optimize these potentially winning lottery tickets is no easy task.  You […]

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