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Should I keep my old life insurance policy

What to Do With an Old Life Insurance Policy

I meet with a lot of pre-retirees and retirees.  It’s not uncommon when meeting with these clients to identify an old life insurance policy during an initial financial audit.  When doing so, sometimes we uncover an old life insurance policy with thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash value or millions in […]

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Make sure you are picking the right life insurance

How to Buy Life Insurance Like a Pro (Or Like the Rich)

If you ask me, life insurance is too often sold as a product. You hear people throwing around statements like “Hey, buy this term policy” or “Here, purchase permanent insurance.” Agents are telling you (yes, telling you) to buy a product without actually reviewing your needs.  It’s like someone telling you to purchase a minivan […]

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term insurance and permanent insurance

Term vs. Permanent – Why I Chose Term Insurance

Like I mentioned in my term insurance vs. permanent insurance post, I went through a detailed thought process in making my insurance decision. If you are a frequent reader of Finance and Flip Flops, you know my life has recently changed. In an effort to get ready, I decided it was time to buy  life […]

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Is term insurance or permanent insurance better

Life Insurance – Understanding Term and Permanent Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of any financial plan.  When I purchased life insurance for myself, it felt like a very adult thing to do.  With my family growing (baby Z due in less than four weeks), I can say it is one of the smartest financial decisions I made. When buying life insurance, […]

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Financial Planning for the New Parent

As you may know if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, “N” and I are having a baby.  Well…technically she is having a baby, and I am here for the 9 month ride. “N” has been a champion about this whole pregnancy thing, and I’ve had little to do.  She’s been doing really well. […]

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