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The Weekly Round Up

This week’s focus is on three articles and one investment chart.  The chart, from JP Morgan, is one of my personal favorites.  In short, it details the “average” annual decline of the S&P 500 – a number that I believe will surprise many. Following that, we have a quick article that answers the ever-pressing question […]

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Financial Planner Philadelphia

‘How to’ series: How to Start a Financial Plan

Good financial planning begins with getting the big picture “right” for you and your family. Only then does it make sense to focus on the details. To use a workout analogy, there is no point to setting the goal of running a marathon if you haven’t walked a mile in years. Think of the financial […]

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Finance and Flip Flops

Come Run with Team Finance and Flip Flops

Do you like to run? Have you been wanting to try a race, and now you need some group motivation? If so, come join team Finance and Flip Flops for the 2nd annual Philadelphia Love Run on March 29th, 2015. I’m running.  “N” is running.  Baby “Z” is probably not running…so embarrassing for our family name! […]

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What You Should Know About Saving and Investing

Most of us know there is a difference between savings and investing.  It makes sense; we hear the two words all the time.   But what we don’t know is how the two work together, and how the two should be managed. The difference between savings and investing is simple!  If you need it soon, […]

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Financial Planning for the New Parent

As you may know if you’ve read any of my previous blogs, “N” and I are having a baby.  Well…technically she is having a baby, and I am here for the 9 month ride. “N” has been a champion about this whole pregnancy thing, and I’ve had little to do.  She’s been doing really well. […]

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Retirement Planning

What You Should Know About Annuities

Say it with me… annuity.  Now hear me out before you click out of this blog. It’s amazing how the word annuity can stir up such a debate. Maybe your toes curled up, and your shoulders tensed.  Knowing you need to defend against the evil empire that is annuities.  Or maybe you believe them to […]

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