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What You Should Know About an 83(b) Election and Restricted Stock

A restricted stock plan is a compensation tool offered by employers to attract and retain key employees. Often times the restricted stock is not owed by the recipient until certain conditions are met, which is often the passage of a specific period of time. During this restricted period, the employee maintains no ownership rights to […]

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Dan Zajac, philadelphia financial advisor

The Basics of Restricted Stock

Restricted stock is often used as part of a compensation package for a key employee.  In lieu of increased wages, restricted stock may be offered. Specifically, restricted stock is a right to receive the shares of stock ONLY after you’ve satisfied specific conditions detailed by your employer.  Often, this condition is continuing to work for […]

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Understanding The Life Cycle of Restricted Stock

Restricted stock is used by employers to give their employees shares of company stock.  Often included as part of a compensation package, restricted stock can be used as a method to incentivize and retain key employees. Restricted stock can be simple in the sense that the value of the shares is tied to the market […]

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Incentive Stock Options, ISO's

3 Stock Option Exercise Strategies You Need to Know

Receiving stock options from your employer is great, as it indicates that your company sincerely values you.  They want to keep you, and keep you happy!  Furthermore, stock options can be a fantastic opportunity to make a lot of money! However, knowing how to optimize these potentially winning lottery tickets is no easy task.  You […]

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