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Lump sum vs. annuity

Is Your Annuity Giving You the Highest Possible Income?

Not all annuities are created equal.  In fact, there are so many annuities on the market, and so many iterations, that it requires a full-time commitment to stay on top of the ever-changing market. If you find yourself with an old annuity, considering the purchase of an annuity, or forced into an annuity decision through […]

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning – When $60,000 Equals $100,000

What if I told you that in retirement, $60,000 of income could be factually equivalent to your $100,000 W2?  Would you believe me?  Would you want to know more? Well you should. Because it’s very possible.  It’s possible that a retirement income of $60,000 can be equal to a pre-retirement W2 of $100,000. How?  I hear […]

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Retirement Planning and Retirement Income

Thinking Out Loud – Retirement Income Planning 201

There are many rules of thumb in financial planning.   One such rule of thumb states that if you withdrawal 4% of your account balance each year in retirement, adjusted for inflation, your money should last forever (for what it’s worth, I am not a big fan of rules of thumb.  But for this exercise, we […]

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