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If You Knew You Weren’t Saving Enough for Retirement, Would you Change?

Saving for retirement can be difficult for many reasons. Pair the uncertainly of prognosticating the future with the need for delayed gratification (saving your hard-earned money rather than spending it), and it’s easy to understand why so many people fail to save enough. In fact, studies have suggested that 1 in 3 Americans have zero […]

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8 Easy Ways to Save for Retirement

Forcing yourself to save enough for retirement can be difficult. You’re taking money that you earned… money that you worked hard for… money that you could certainly put to good use now, and stashing it away for an unknown future need at an unknown future date. However, do you know what’s worse than giving up […]

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When will your financial advisor retire?

Who’s Going to Retire First? You or Your Financial Advisor?

I love this question! I also love seeing a light bulb go off in people’s heads when I ask them this same question. Financial advisors, as a community, are responsible for helping people retire securely and comfortably.  We spend time asking the right questions and providing sound advice in the hopes that our clients can […]

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‘How to’ series: How to Start a Financial Plan

Good financial planning begins with getting the big picture “right” for you and your family. Only then does it make sense to focus on the details. To use a workout analogy, there is no point to setting the goal of running a marathon if you haven’t walked a mile in years. Think of the financial […]

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Saving into a 401(k) for Retirement

What You Should Know About Your 401(k) Plan

Ice cream is my weakness.   Seriously, I love it.  If it’s in the house, I’m going to eat it.  Shamelessly I’ll admit to more than one occasion when I’ve eaten ice cream for breakfast (but to be fair, it was coffee flavored, so it should be acceptable).  Ice cream has little chance of surviving in […]

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It's never a bad time to look at your retirement plan

10 Simple Simple Steps to Pre-Retirement Planning (for any age)

Spelling lists, multiplication tables, practicing your cursive (do kids today even use cursive writing)? Remember leaving school for the day and thinking “I can’t believe I have homework, homework is the worst!” All I wanted to do was go play kick the can with the neighborhood kids.  Not practice geometry. Pre-retirement planning is adult homework. […]

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