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financial planning 101

Financial Planning 101 – Don’t Spend All of Your Money!

What a crazy idea, right?  The foundation of a financial plan should always start with that.  By not spending every last penny you earn (or worse, spending more than you earn and accumulating debt), you will begin to accumulate savings.  This accumulated savings can then be used to achieve your other financial goals, such as […]

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Dan Zajac, philadelphia financial advisor

I can become a millionaire in “X” years or less!

I’m a millionaire! Who wouldn’t want to say these words? (Well, who wouldn’t want to say these words in private? If you say them in public… probably not so cool.  Bragging about your money is about as cool as bragging about how advanced your 3-month-old is.  “But, have I told you? Tommy is soooo smart!”) […]

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When it's ok to splurge

Saving Be Damned—When It’s Okay to Blow Your Money

As a financial advisor, I often encourage clients to save money, pay down debts, and think about the future (some people may call me the “Ruiner of Fun”). It’s my job to persuade clients to act responsibly with their hard-earned dollars. Responsibility often means giving up the things you want now in order to save […]

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budgeting, fixed expenses, variable expenses

Balancing Budgeting, Spending, and Cash Flow

If you are like most people, you’ve never sat down and thought about how much you spend.  Most likely you never needed to. You had a steady job with money coming in weekly or bi-weekly. Only after you know what you are spending, can you determine if your budget is in balance.  Fingers crossed it […]

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